Shant Boodaghians
  I am a current (2016— ) graduate student in the Theory-CS group at UIUC,
   working in AGT with Prof. Ruta Mehta.

  You can reach me at [] or find me in SC.3217
[ 2] “Testing Consumer Rationality using Perfect Graphs and Oriented Discs,”
      (with Adrian Vetta), WINE ‘15  >> [arXiv] [Slides]

[ 1] “The Combinatorial World (of Auctions) According to GARP,”
      (with Adrian Vetta), SAGT ‘15  >> [arXiv]

Education and Teaching
[2018][W]   - TA for CS 498: Theory II
[2017][F]   - TA for CS 374: Intro to Algorithms
[2015–2016] - (M.Sc. in Math from McGill University with Prof. Adrian Vetta)
[2016][W]   - TA for MATH 240: Discrete Structures I
[2012–2015] - (B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from McGill University)
[2013–2015] - Undergrad. assistant for the Math. Helpdesk